Celebrate Your Graduation Party with GradWeek!

Monday, February 22 --- Traveling to the world's hottest and safest tropical destinations — the Bahamas, Cancun, Hawaii, and Panama City Beach, Florida–GradWeek provides the best possible way to celebrate your grad party with your grad class in style!

Booking your senior graduation trip with GradWeek means you're booking with a company that fully staffs the trip, is present at all GradWeek sponsored events, and is accessible 24/7. No other company provides this type of service and support. Travel in confidence with the industry leader:

Support: Our friendly customer service agents are available to answer all of your questions and to help you plan for your trip. You can also make payments and manage your account online at our website. Most customer service representatives have been to the destinations and can provide you with first-hand experience and advice.

Staffing: GradWeek provides a team of staff members at each of our destinations. Many staff members are bilingual, first aid certified, and CPR trained. Upon arriving at your destination, you will be met by our GradWeek Staff at the airport, provided with a welcome orientation, and checked into your hotel. GradWeek staff is present at every GradWeek event. Staff is on-site and accessible 24 hours a day throughout your entire GradWeek trip. Staff members are not chaperones, but are available to assist you with your daily travel needs.

Service: At GradWeek we do much more than simply get you to your destination. We provide transfers to and from your hotel and the airport, get you free or discounted access to the hottest nightclubs, discounts to the best restaurants, access to excursions and watersports at the best prices, and provide you with 24-hour trained GradWeek support staff.