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(COVID-19) Update – 4/1/20

We like to thank everyone for your continued support during this difficult time. We’re doing our best to navigate through this situation and appreciate your patience.  We are now extending the reduced cancel fee of $300 to April 10, 2020. We know that some of you are undecided with your upcoming trip and need a little more time to make your decision. We are hoping this will help.

Will GradWeek be canceled or postponed? 

We are continuously working with all our Hotels, Airlines, and Travel Providers in the event that we need to postpone our GradWeek Program until later in the summer. We have not canceled and are not looking to cancel GradWeek trips!

What if I simply don’t want to travel during these uncertain times?

As this is a very fluid situation, we recommend waiting to see how things develop. However, for those that simply don’t want to wait, we’ve been able to extend our reduced cancel fee of $300 to April 10, 2020 (normally $600 from April 1-10). Meaning, you will receive all monies paid to date, less the $300 reduced fee, if you submit your cancellation in writing to info@istours.com by no later than April 10, 2020.

What If I can’t travel on the new dates for GradWeek?

Our GradWeek programs typically run over a 2-6-week period depending on the destination. We’re confident we can move you to a date that works around your group’s schedule.  In the event that a date doesn’t work, you’ll receive a GradWeek Travel Voucher for the full amount of monies paid that can be used on a future trip: GradWeek 2021 or IST Spring Break 2021. In certain instances, you’ll receive a combination of an Airline Travel Voucher and a GradWeek Travel Voucher. Please Note: Valid dates for Airline Vouchers may vary.

Why Can’t I get a full cash refund?

In order to provide the best possible experience for our travelers, our trips require significant planning and investment, as much as 18 months in advance. All of our suppliers when booking group travel requires deposits and payments throughout that timeframe. Cancellation rules for group bookings are different than those that typically apply to retail and/or individual booking consumers. Most of these funds are unrecoverable to us. However, our vendors have allowed these funds to be used on a rescheduled trip/program in the future through December 31, 2021. As we navigate through this unprecedented time, the situation is affecting everyone across the globe, especially all travel-related services – airlines, hotels, buses, tour operators, and travel agencies. As such, we have done our best to make adjustments to our standard policies to provide expanded options to our travelers.

Can my GradWeek Travel Voucher be transferred to someone else?

In certain cases, all or part of your GradWeek Travel Voucher can be transferred to a friend or family member. You will need to fill out a GradWeek Travel Voucher Transfer Form and there will be up to a $200 Transfer Fee. Please Note: Depending on the airline you have been ticketed on, you may not be able to transfer the airline portion. Call our office for more details.

How do I know my travel destination is safe?

We are closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus at our GradWeek destinations. We are also following the CDC guidelines for travel to those destinations. In addition, we are speaking with local health officials that can give us further guidance and perspective so we can make our future programs as safe as possible.

What if a student gets sick while traveling?

It is not uncommon for a traveler to get sick while traveling. We work with several health providers at each of our destinations to ensure that our travelers receive all necessary medical care needed. Every traveler on our program is covered with a comprehensive insurance plan that covers for sickness/injury while traveling.


We will continue to update these questions in the coming weeks to keep you informed as best as possible. Hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy while all try to work through this together!


International Student Tours, Inc.


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